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tree relocation services

Tree Transplanting / Tree Relocation Service

Emaho Trees offers a Tree Transplanting / Tree Relocation Service to its clients who may have the need to relocate existing trees and large shrubs.

Using its new 110 hp skid steer loader and specially designed tree spade, a range of root ball sizes, starting from a diameter of .7 m for shrubs up to
1.4 m diameter for trees, can be dug.  

The four concave blades create a root ball shape which corresponds with the natural growth pattern of the roots.  Being independently operated, the blades can penetrate the most difficult soils and at the same time can neatly cut the fine roots of trees and shrubs.

The powerful skid steer loader can lift the spade to a height of 3.6 metres and come in over the top of a tree in a tight space. It can easily lift a tree weighing up to 700 kg (including root ball). In general, the maneuverability of the skid steer loader combined with the compact design of the tree spade, permits work in tight situations and facilitates speed of operation. 

As the hydraulic towers are not as tall as those of a conical tree spade, a lower working height is provided, making it easier to dig trees or shrubs with foliage close to the ground. 

Should the trees and shrubs need to be transported, Emaho Trees can provide its standard wire baskets (which will not go out of shape in transportation) in 1.1 m and 1.4 m diameter sizes. These baskets are .65 m deep and .80 m deep respectively which means that most underground services are unlikely to be disturbed. The sturdy wire baskets are lined with hessian which ties up around the trunks of the trees and shrubs and then strapped tightly to ensure there is no movement of the earth or disturbance to the roots during transit. Depending upon quantity, other sized wire baskets can be made on request.

If sensitive trees require root pruning in preparation for relocation, the independently operating blades of the tree spade can cut two opposite sides in the first cut, stimulating the production of new feeder roots, and then cut the other two sides in 2-3 months time. 

If requested, free horticultural advice will be provided on any preparation that may need to be done prior to digging and aftercare.

For daily and half daily rates please email barbara@emahotrees.com.au,
or phone 07 46978018 or mobile 0418 643 240 .



tree relocation service

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tree digging

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Emaho’s Tree Farm specializes in hardy, field grown Australian native trees suited to a wide range of climates throughout Australia,
including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney and Melbourne. Advanced Trees include Flowering Trees
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