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Ornamental Trees & Flowering Trees

These showy advanced flowering trees and ornamental trees can be used for housing developments, street planting, hedges, screens, windbreaks or home gardens.

Flowering trees include the stunning Elaeocarpus reticulatus Prima Donna, five different Brachychitons, Banksia integrifolia, Tristaniopsis laurina, Xanthostemon chrystanthus and the hard to procure Calodenron capense (Cape Chestnut).

Ornmental trees include Elaeocarpus eumundii with its beautiful pink/bronze foliage and the Syzygiums with their attractive new foliage ranging from pinks to bright apple green.

ALECTRYON subcinereus
(Wild Quince)

A small native tree with an attractive, dense rounded form, bears clusters of small pale pink flowers in January to February.
  ALECTRYON tormentosus
(Woolly Rambutan)

A small native tree with an attractive spreading canopy up to 5 metres, bears clusters of small red flowers in January to February.

AGATHIS robusta
(Queensland Kauri)

A large native coniferous tree with grey green pointed foliage, has a distinctive mottled trunk with smooth scaly bark.
  BANKSIA integrifolia
(Coastal Banksia)

A small native tree with a rounded form, bears lemon-yellow flower cones throughout the cooler months, highly recommended for seaside plantings.
BRACHYCHITON acerifolius x discolor 'Clarabelle' grafted

A medium native tree with a conical form, bears clusters of pink/red star-shaped flowers in late Spring to early Summer...


A medium native tree with a conical form, bears pink flowers with bright red centres (usually when semi-deciduous) from November...

(Bottle Tree)

A large native tree noted for its large bottle shaped trunk, bears clusters of pendulous pink - red bell shaped flowers in late spring...

(Cape Chestnut)

A medium South African tree species with a dense spreading crown and smooth grey trunk...

CAMELLIA sasanqua

A large bushy exotic shrub which bears a profusion of flowers in Autumn, ranging from white to a wide range of pinks and red with either single or...

  DIPLOGLOTTIS campbellii (Small-leaved Tamarind)

An attractive rainforest tree with spreading canopy which bears small creamy brown flowers and edible fruit in February - Arpil...

(Eumundi or Smooth Leaved Quandong)

A highly decorative small native rainforest tree with attractive bronzy maroon new growth and broad shiny green leaves. During...

  ELAEOCARPUS reticulatus 'Prima Donna'tm
(Blueberry Ash)

A small native rainforest tree noted for its red new growth and dense blue green foliage, bears masses of pale pink ballerina skirt like...

EMMENOSPERMA alphitonioides (Yellow Ash)

An attractive rainforest tree with glossy green foliage and silvery-grey bark.   Bears panicles of white flowers in August to November followed by decorative bright...

  FLINDERSIA brayleyana (Queensland Maple)

An attractive large native rainforest tree with shiny green ornamental foliage, bears large terminal clusters of white flowers in summer.

FLINDERSIA oppositifolia
(Mountain Silkwood)

A small native tree with a pyramidal form, bears clusters of red flowers in October to December. A showy, versatile tree...

  HARPULLIA hillii (Blunt Leaved Tulipwood)

A medium native tree, indigenous to S.E. Queensland, noted for its attractive foliage and widely spreading crown...

MAGNOLIA grandiflora ‘Exmouth’ (Bull Bay Magnolia)

A stately rounded form of Magnolia grandiflora with glossy green leaves with bronze colouring underneath...

  RHODOSPHAERA rhodanthema
(Deep Yellow Wood)

A medium native tree with a columnar form and attractive foliage. It is well known for its environmental...


A highly decorative large bushy shrub/small tree growing to around 3.5-4 metres by 2.5m wide, has a slight weeping habit, attractive bright pink new foliage and bears masses...

  SYZYGIUM francisii
(Francis Water Gum)

A medium native rainforest tree with vibrant, attractive new foliage, a dense conical habit and bears fluffy white flowers in summer followed by blue/lilac edible fruit...

SYZYGIUM tierneyanum (River Cherry or Bamaga Satinash)

A medium native rainforest tree with a dense spreading crown and glossy green foliage with flushes of red and bronze new growth...

(Water Gum or Kanooka)

A medium native rainforest tree with a widely spreading canopy. It bears perfumed yellow flowers in summer and has a smooth, creamy brown trunk. Leaves turn red in...

WATERHOUSIA floribunda (Weeping Lilly Pilly)

A medium native rainforest tree with pendulous foliage and dense rounded canopy. It bears large clusters of white flowers in Summer followed by green berries with a...

  XANTHOSTEMON chrysanthus (Golden Penda)

A medium native rainforest tree noted for its red new tips, bears terminal clusters of bright yellow flowers in spring, autumn and winter.


Emaho’s Tree Farm specializes in hardy, field grown Australian native trees suited to a wide range of climates throughout Australia,
including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney and Melbourne. Advanced Trees include Flowering Trees
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