Advantages of Field Grown Trees

Advantages of field grown trees


Advantages of our field grown trees in comparison with container grown trees:

  1. Develop larger, stronger trunks and are more balanced in terms of height and spread. They are similar in form to trees grown naturally in the landscape.

  2. Grow stronger root systems through the practice of root pruning which stimulates new fibrous/feeder roots. Also, when the trees are dug for dispatch, even more fibrous/feeder roots develop and within a couple of months are spreading out into their new environment. Our trees are treated with Growth Formula and Seasol which further encourages strong root growth.

  3. Are hardy and need less water than container grown stock. In the field they are only watered by natural rainfall, so have adapted to going through dry periods.

  4. Suited to a wide range of climates throughout Australia as they are produced at an elevation of 750 metres. This includes Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney and Melbourne.

  5. Adapt more readily to their new environment, as they are grown in soil rather than a potting mix.